MIDAS Ireland Annual Conference 2023 Limerick


Thank you MIDAS for the opportunity with Chair Barry O’Sullivan and fellow panelists ( Marion Ryan, Intel Siobhan Dolan Clancy, ZE Aviation Alliance, John O’Donnell, yieldHUB and Mike Keaveney, Bosch) to discuss “Ireland’s Path to Net-Zero”, and how our industry can both enable and benefit from the transition. Following Sean Hegarty’s (ESB) presentation on Shannon 2.0 ambition to develop vast quantities of floating offshore wind energy off the Atlantic coast, we talked about how Irelands Large Energy Users (LEU) including datacentre and semiconductor manufacturing might benefit. Our industry should not be complacent about our European leadership position as we face significant change brought about by disruption in the supply chain and by the European and US Chips Acts. It’s time for our industry to collaborate and innovate as part of developing our own National Chips Strategy for Ireland embracing the opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage from the emerging Offshore Renewable Energy industry. There is an opportunity for large energy manufacturing users to manage energy demand and costs in planned Net-Zero Green Energy Parks in close proximity to renewable wind energy sources.
ZE-Aviation Alliance