Keynote from Dr. Stefan Breunig of Rolls Royce Electrical at IEEE SusTech 2022 conference – Powering Advanced Air Mobility

Speaker ; Dr. Stefan Breunig – Head of Strategy, Rolls-Royce Electrical

Dr. Stefan Breunig “Urban Air Mobility” IEEESusTech 2022


Electrification in aerospace is currently driven by developments in the Advanced Air Mobility segment. Hybrid and all-electric Commuter and eVTOL aircraft will transform existing markets or even create completely new markets. The technology to make this happen is there and the route to certification is getting more and more defined.

This is the time to think about the next steps and upcoming challenges: How do we maintain these aircraft? How can we deploy the required charging infrastructure? And what role will digitally-enabled services and new business model play?


Stefan is driving strategy definition and execution for Rolls-Royce’s electrification efforts in new emerging markets like Urban and Regional Air Mobility. He joined the Rolls-Royce team in 2019 with the acquisition of Siemens eAircraft where he previously worked as innovation manager. He holds master’s degree and PhD in engineering.