ZE-Aviation Alliance (ZEMAVA) Announced as Member of the European Commission’s Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation (AZEA)

The European Commission has released the list of initial members participating in the Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation (AZEA). The list includes 74 entities from across the aeronautical industry, including companies, airlines, aircraft lessors, airports, energy providers, business associations and civil society organisations.

Members of AZEA will jointly work to identify all barriers to the entry into commercial service of these aircraft, establish recommendations and a roadmap to address them, promote investment projects and create synergies and momentum amongst members. In particular, the members will look at issues such as the fuel and infrastructure requirements of hydrogen and electric aircraft at airports, standardisation and certification, and the implications for operators (airlines) and air traffic management.

ZE-Aviation Alliance (ZEMAVA) is a sustainable aviation technology incubator hub established in Ireland to accelerate market readiness for zero-emission aviation technologies.

ZEMAVA looks forward to working with fellow AZEA members to find synergies and opportunities to accelerate zero-emission aviation technology entry-into-service.

To read more about AZEA; http://https://defence-industry-space.ec.europa.eu/green-aircraft-players-aeronautics-industry-and-beyond-sign-alliance-zero-emission-aviation-2022-09-26_en